Burlingame Chairlift Adventures

Summertime tourists in Snowmass seldom miss the opportunity for an unforgettable gondola ride. But the sweeping views on the way up the Burlingame chairlift are only half the fun. Have a look at our suggestions for things to do once the Burlingame chairlift has taken you to the top.

Hike and bike.  Snowmass Mountain is home to an extensive trail system. Whether you’re on two wheels or your own two feet, hikers and bikers will be treated to beautiful alpine views, rugged trails, wildlife in its natural habitat, and wildflowers growing in abundance. It’s possible to walk or bike back down the entire length of the mountain. For the truly adventurous, Government Trail offers 12 scenic miles of trail that lead directly to Aspen. Don’t forget to ask about the free guided hikes!

Paintball. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned game of paintball. When you take the Burlingame chairlift to the top of Snowmass Mountain, you’ll have the opportunity to play one of the most high-altitude paintball games ever. This one of a kind outdoor paintball course is open to children (8+) and adults—equipment is included. This is a popular activity, so it requires reservations 24 hours in advance. Reserve your spot today by calling (970)923-1227.

Weekend Lunch. If your idea of the perfect day includes a delicious midday meal in a log cabin nestled in a mountainside, then plan on lunch at the Lynn Britt Cabin this weekend.  While there’s plenty of room for everyone inside, you’ll want to enjoy the restaurant’s outdoor seating during the summer months. With a gourmet menu, majestic views of the mountains, and a full wine list, lunch at the Lynn Britt Cabin will become one of the staples of your visit to Snowmass. Call (970) 923-0479 for reservations.

Disc Golf. Begin the most unique golf game of your life at the top of the Burlingame chairlift, where you’ll find free course maps and score cards. Your 18-hole disc golf game covers a course that stretches down the mountainside! This is one outdoor activity you won’t want to pass up, especially if you’re traveling with family or in a group, so pick up rental discs beforehand at Four Mountain Sports and get swinging. Remember to start your game early: after one game, you may be scheduling a rematch.

Ride Back Down. If you just came for the views, don’t feel bad about not wanting to hike or bike back down. You can recapture the beautiful views you took in on the way up the mountain by riding the Burlingame lift right back down. This is the perfect option for those who don’t feel like trekking their way back to Snowmass.

The Burlingame chairlift offers some of the best ways to see Snowmass from above, along with some of the most entertaining ways to visit the natural beauty of Snowmass Mountain. Get your tickets at the Ticket Pavilion at the end of the Snowmass Village Mall: Adults (18-69) $10; seniors (70+) / youth (7-17) $6; kids ages 6 and under – free.